The Oregon Trail Kiosk Tour

Perhaps you've seen and visited the Oregon Trail interpretive kiosks along Oregon's major highways, and wondered where they came from. They are mostly the work of the Oregon Trail Coordinating Council (OTCC), headed by Jim Renner. In 1991 OTCC was commissioned to prepare interpretation of the Oregon Trail in Oregon for the 150th anniversary of the first major migration. They staged plays, campouts, town celebrations, even a wagon train from the Wyoming-Idaho Border.  But a more enduring result of their efforts are the 24 interpretive kiosks OTCC created or refurbished, and four major Interpretive Centers:

  1. National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center at Flagstaff Hill, OR

  2. End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center at Oregon City, OR

  3. Tamastslikt Cultural Institute at Pendleton, OR

  4. Columbia Gorge Discovery Center at The Dalles, OR

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Kiosk picture